Intro to Cypher db.schema command incomplete

In the section Examining the Data Model, there is an example of "CALL db.schema" but this returns an error. I nosed around after typing "CALL db." and found that "CALL db.schema.visualization" is the appropriate syntax.

Yes, for Neo4j 4.0, you must use db.schema.visualization(). This will be shown in the new course that is intended for developers using 4.0.

Thanks for picking up on it.


Just an FYI that exercise 8.10 needs the same update.

Thank you. We're taking care of it for the 4.0 course.


just a kind advice guys...

one thing that bothers me at Neo4j (a wonderful product otherwise!) is this mess with versioning...

  1. your certification exam is still on v3, when v4 has been out for 4-5 months now, and your latest online doc is all for v4.

  2. your Neo4j Sandbox is also with an old EE v3.

  3. your certification exam recommends a book 6 years old, working with v2.

you should really really clean up this mess, as there are many deprecations, additions and incompatibilities from one version to another. and this is really bad for the user...

...and, for God' sake, try to keep and provide backward compatibility, it's not too hard. CALL db.schema should still have been maintain, you do not change so easily such popular procedure :frowning:

best regards,

What is the ETA on the 4.0 course?

The 4.0 is now available on GraphAcademy.


Hi, I happened to be working this certification at the moment. Following up on earlier conversations regarding the use of db.schema in 4.0.
under Examining the data model and Examining relationships; the command is still listed as CALL db.schema

d0naka02, you are not in the 4.0 training. Run

:play 4.0-intro-neoj4-exercises

You are in the 3.5 course. The 4.0 course is