Intro - Roger Worden

I've been in IT for a long time but I'm new to Neo4J in the last couple of months. I'm experimenting with it for home use on a project where I'm calling it from the Go language. I'm experimenting with it at work on a couple of projects:

  • Represent configuration items in Amazon Web Services, such as clusters, tasks, servers, VPC's, load balancers in order to drive a dynamic management GUI
  • Document performance measurement attributes from multiple business applications using multiple tools (but probably not the performance numbers themselves).

I work at a well-known hospitality and entertainment company.


Welcome Roger,

hope you enjoy the new Go Driver we'd love some feedback. For network management there is a sandbox, and these talks from Lending Club about different aspects of network and service management:

Presentation from Thomas Lawrence Amadeus:

Yes, those were very helpful. Thanks!!