Intro-neo4j-exercises doesn't run

I'm in the introduction training and wont to run the first exercise.
When I insert ':play 4.0-intro-neo4j-exercises' in the query edit pane I get the introductions to deal witch the exercises in a separate pane. The fourth page shows all the available exercises. When I click to an exercise to run it, the pane disappears and nothing happens. Only the query edit pane remains.
What's going wrong?

Hello @karlheinz_leder,

Are you using a Web browser for Neo4j Browser or the Neo4j Browser app in Desktop?

What version of Neo4j Browser are you using? (left panel bottom icon)


I'm using neo4jsandbox

"You are running"
Browser version 4.1.2
Server version 3.5.17 (enterprise)

I solved the problem by installing Neo4j desktop
Now it runs in Neo4j Browser
Perhaps it doesn't work in the sandbox?

Thanks a lot

It should work in a sandbox (although it is a 3.5 sandbox right now). We will soon have a 4.0 blank sandbox users can use.