Integrate neo4j into Visual Studio Setup for UWP


thank you for neo4j.

Our startup likes it very much and we would like to use it in our windows core app.
Im searching now for a tutorial how we could ship neo4j together with our setup as dependency
Are their any tutorials available how to do that?

thanks and best regards

Do you mean in a containerized set up? Like Docker?

Hi MuddyBootsCode,

I would like to create a normal setup project and ship my app together with neo4j.
I ask me how can I tell the setup that I need neo4j and install it or redirect to the neo4j homepage to download it.
Ive searched a lot and cant find anything wich could could help me or give me glue how to solve that.
Can that be done with the normal setup project or do I need to use something like Wix?

best regards and thank you

you say setup so i assume windows :) use Wix to create your installer. include the neo4j setup and execute it from your script. you can also use wix to see if neo is already installed.
not hard at all

Thank you. Now I use the normal VS Setup and include neo4j. Was easily because neo4j didnt need any setup.

best regards