Installing neo4j-algorithm package on neo4j server

hello friends,
We have graph database running on neo4j now we wanted to install algortihm plugin in it , and i have tried it by following steps

"If we are using a standalone Neo4j Server, the library will need to be installed and configured manually.

  1. Download neo4j-graph-algorithms-[version]-standalone.jar from the Neo4j Download Center and copy it into the $NEO4J_HOME/plugins directory. We can work out which release to download by referring to the versions file.
  2. Add the following to your $NEO4J_HOME/conf/neo4j.conf file:*
    We need to give the library unrestricted access because the algorithms use the lower level Kernel API to read from, and to write to Neo4j.
  3. Restart Neo4j"
    so after completing the above steps ,
    If I put algorithms jar then application does not boot, says error

Please help me out on the same


The Graph Algorithms Library has now been deprecated in favour of the Graph Data Science Library. You can see the link to download that from the download centre as well.

Can you try to install that and post back here if that doesn't work?

Hey @mark.needham it worked well ,thanks for the support