Installing and activation key

Just intstalled the latest Neo4J desktop, 1.1.18.
signed in with my personal google account.
So far I got no activation key and it shows as it still needs a license to us the desktop version..

Is there any step I should do or I missed?

Hello there and welcome to using Neo4j Desktop.

Your Neo4j Desktop is indeed active. We automatically give you a 30 day window, but it should automatically renew for you.

Are you having problems creating projects and graphs in this new installation?


Hi, i am new in graph theory, i have installed neo4j desktop application but i cannot use application and graph algorithms as i give screen message offline. To use it better how to get activation key for neo4j 1.1.22 versioon please?

Thanks for your consideration.

Hello and welcome to the community!

You should be able to upgrade to version 1.1.22 by selecting Desktop > Check for Upgrades...

Activation keys are not needed by later versions of Neo4j Desktop.


Hello Elaine, sorry to revive slightly old thread....I just installed neo4j desktop on OSX (new to neo4j community) but get similar message.

Additionally the expiration date is set to January 19, 1970 which seems wrong?

Any insights would be really appreciated!

EDIT: I am running Neo4j Desktop v1.2.1 (seems to be latest version available?)


I don't know what date you have on your system, but you can ignore the expiration date. If Desktop asks you for an activation key, simply close the dialog and it will automatically renew for 3 months. Again, if you register your account with Neo4j (email address), it will no longer ask you for an activation key.


Thanks for your reply Elaine! I did actually register using my email but as you say, the desktop is working as I would expect it to so I will ignore it!

Thanks for your help :)

hi Elaine, I use Neo4j Desktop v1.2.0, but can not sign in .

Neo4j Desktop no longer requires an activation key. If you do not provide your Neo4j account credentials, it asks you for an activation key. If you "X" out the dialog, it automatically extends your license for 3 months. If you want to avoid the activation key dialog, simply log/create a Neo4j account for your installation.


hi Elaine, thanks for your help, but my problem is I can not log/create a Neo4j account while installing, the name of dmg file which I downloaded is "neo4j-desktop-offline-1.2.1.dmg", after installed it, I can not sign in, and can’t use the Algorithms in Plugins, please help how can I sign in Neo4j Desktop. The url of dmg file which I downloaded is “Get Neo4j Desktop - Neo4j Graph Data Platform" thank you

You should be able to install the plugins without signing in. You must create a graph (database) before you install a plugin for your project.

Can you provide us with a screenshot of what you are attempting to do?


hi Elaine, I have created graph, and can not install the plugin, when I click “install” button,there will be a warning “offline”

Can you set your Neo4j Desktop to be "online" in the settings pane to the left? You should probably stop the database and then restart Desktop after making this change. Hopefully, you can run online?


Hello, my name is Julio Goodsaid and I recently installed the latest version of the deskto neo4j. As a student I used the free license and since I had trouble with the programming part was hoping to use bloom. Unfortunately it says I need a key for that and yet online it says that it comes with the enterprise edition license which is included in the free download. So can I access Bloom and if so how do I do that?

Hello and welcome to the Community.

I would be curious as to where you read online that Bloom comes with Enterprise Edition for free?

Neo4j Desktop does include Enterprise Edition for development purposes only. You cannot use Enterprise Edition commercially for free.

At this writing, you must be an Enterprise customer (paid license) to be granted an activation key for Bloom.

If you are curious about Bloom and trying it out, I suggest that you create a Neo4j Bloom Sandbox at This is a temporary Neo4j instance in the cloud that lives for 3-10 days.

Please do let me know where you saw it stated online that Bloom comes for free with Enterprise Edition.

All the best,
Elaine Rosenberg