Installation Problem: No Internet Connection

Hello Everyone,

I am Jiaqi from U.S. I met a problem when I installed Neo4j 1.1.14 on my Mac laptop. I successfully downloaded and installed it; however, when I opened it, it showed me that no internet connection for the Neo4j Desktop. It said "Poor network connection/Proxied network environment detected".

I have already checked my laptop internet connection. No thing wrong with my internet. Have anyone met the same problem? And how to solve it?

Thank you so much!!

so you don't have any proxies configured or such?

Can you try the following.
Click "Work Offline" to close the dialog.

Use Cmd+k to open the command bar and type log then share the Neo4j Desktop log, so that we can check for issues.

Thank you for replying my question!
I got a log.log file, but how can I share the file to you? Is there anyway I can directly attach the file in this reply?

Can you put it on dropbox/google drive/pastebin or such.

Here is the google drive link. Thank you so much!

Hmm there is nothing unusual in your log.
If you go to settings you should be able to disable offline mode.

Solved! Thank you so much!

How did you solve it?

I just disabled the offline mode as you suggested.

I am Ronildo.

I have the same problem, after installing Neo4j Desktop, it opens but blank with the following message:
No Internet connection
Poor network connection / Proxied network environment detected. Please check your connectivity.

Neo4j Desktop requires an active Internet connection to download updates, new versions of Neo4j, and Neo4j plugins.

Being that I am with normal internet, and I do not have proxy,
can you help me.

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Same problem here. Just download Neo4J desktop for macbook and the "no internet connection" message shows up.

Log is showing this message:

[2019-04-01 20:27:47:0311] [error] Error: Max tries exceeded
at run (/Applications/Neo4j
at run (/Applications/Neo4j
at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:68:7)

Can you try again with the latest version (1.1.20), there were some bugfixes around this issue.


I had had the issue back in 1.1.17 but was able to connect by clicking in Settings (gear icon) and disabling "Enable offline mode". Now that I updated to 1.1.20 I can't connect again and my fix doesn't seem to work any longer. I need to install APOC to perform a few tasks, guess I'll need to do it manually...

Just found out I can download older versions from the site as well, 1.1.17 is working just fine online for me, so here's the link: Thanks for Downloading Neo4j Desktop - Neo4j Graph Data Platform

I didn't find a way to get 1.1.20 to detect my internet connection yet though...

After I update neo4j desktop to the latest version (1.1.20), now just open a blank screen. Anyone knows if there`s any connection restriction to neo4j desktop users outside US?

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I am not even getting the option to work offline, just seeing a blank page.
Any ideas?

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Initially, when I installed Neo4j Destop v1.1.20 on both Windows as well as Linux machines i also received the same message which @ronildocontatos got.

I tried to disabled offline mode as @michael.hunger suggested but it didn't work. It was still checking for Internet Connection.

Anyways, i chose to 'work offline' and it allowed me to create Graph and play around with the application. However, when i closed the application and opened it again a Blank White screen was coming, and it is still the same.

Please suggest any resolution.

Hi there! I got the same issue after the recent update i.e. 1.1.20 on windows 10. I'm unable to go online. My network is working fine and everything in Neo4j environment is working great but due to the mentioned issue I cannot try py2neo and test my examples :no_mouth:

I also cannot get 1.1.20 to work. Just opens a blank screen and says 'application offline' ... with no configuration settings available. Firewall is set to allow neo4j.

is there anything in the desktop logs or javascript console (via menu developer -> developer tools)

desktop logs can be found here:

on Linux: ~/.config/Neo4j Desktop/log.log
on OS X: ~/Library/Logs/Neo4j Desktop/log.log
on Windows before 1.0.19: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Neo4j Desktop\log.log
on Windows after 1.0.19: %USERPROFILE%\.Neo4jDesktop\log.log