Installation on EC2 with AMI, adding a EBS volume

We just installed on EC2 but there is only 7G on the mount point. Is there anything special we need to know about adding a volume, does anyone have instructions on the best way to do this for Neo? Thanks

which directories and where to place them on the host is probably a personal preference that will vary. I'm running neo4j in a docker container as a specific user (not root)

echo "starting neo4j"
docker run \
  --user $(id -u):$(id -g) \
  --name "${CONTAINER}" \
  --detach \
  --restart unless-stopped \

so I place the db's under it's home directory (NEO_GRAPH_DIR="~/neo4j" in script below).

Over time I've chosen to to mount a few more that I did at first, some of these are for practical reasons (e.g. data and import) to load or persist data, others for debugging at some point, and I left them setup, this way those files (e.g. logs, conf) persist in host folders after the container is shutdown.

  --volume ${NEO_GRAPH_DIR}/data:/data \
  --volume ${NEO_GRAPH_DIR}/import:/import \
  --volume ${NEO_GRAPH_DIR}/plugins:/plugins \
  --volume ${NEO_GRAPH_DIR}/conf:/var/lib/neo4j/conf \
  --volume ${NEO_GRAPH_DIR}/logs:/logs \

Thank you, very helpful!