Install Neo4j on server

I worked with neo4j community edition a little bit on my local computer but now, I have to use Slurm, spark with Scala on a server because I am working with big data. I am wondering what neo4j edition that I should install on the server so I can use it for my work. Also, I think I need to install neo4j-spark connector: Introducing the Neo4j 3.0 Apache Spark Connector.
Is there anything else I have to install on the server please to get neo4j works with scala and spark?
I am sorry if this is a repeated question but I can not find a clear answer online. Any help would be highly appreciated.
Thank you!

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Can you talk more about what you're trying to do with Spark and Neo4j? We'll do our best to provide guidance on the architecture.

Neo4j Enterprise server is great for clustered environments requiring highly-available services, online backups, and other enterprise management features (user and role management, using more cores for lock management, etc).

If you don't need that, then the Community Edition server should work fine.


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Hi Ryan,

thank you for your response. I get it run successfully on the server. I have another problem now and I posted it as a separate post.
Here is the link:

I would appreciate if you or anyone else can help with solving it because I spent days trying different things.
Thank you!