Install GDS plugin on Neo4j Causal Cluster

We are trying to install the GDS plugin on our cluster - and I am not sure I understood the instructions:

Should we install the plugin only on the Read replica servers ? or should we install it on the core servers also ?

I installed it only on the read replica servers and when we trying to run gds.graph.create command (we are using neo4j protocol(bolt + route)), I got this error message :

> neo4j.exceptions.ClientError: There is no procedure with the name `gds.graph.create`
>                 registered for this database instance. Please ensure you've spelled the procedure name correctly and
>                 that the procedure is properly deployed


A plugin like APOC is usually installed on all members of a cluster, but GDS appears to be a different case:

A Neo4j Causal Cluster consists of multiple machines that together support a highly available database management system. The GDS library uses main memory on a single machine for hosting graphs in the graph catalog and computing algorithms over these. These two architectures are not compatible and should not be used in conjunction

There does seem to be a way of making it work, but it basically involves creating a "disconnected" replica in the cluster. Might be worth considering a different approach?