Install activation keys Desktop 1.3.8 Neo4j Startup Program

I am part of the Startup Program (thank you Neo4j!) and I am trying to activate my activation keys. I am using this tutorial How activation keys work, but I have the feeling that the tutorial is out-of-date. There is no more User section in Desktop version 1.3.8.

Would you please let me know how I can enter the activation keys and make use of the Enterprise edition and Bloom web application?

It might also be smart to update the tutorial and make it more detailed as to prevent these kind of questions in the future ;) (since there are a lot of similar questions on the community pages).

Hey @shanna, there is a "Software Keys" section now, the other steps are the same. You can find that section in the sidebar, it should be the second icon from the bottom. Thank you for prompting us to update the guide :)

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Yes, you are right, thank you!