Indexes in output of Query " call dbms.listQueries " showing nothing even though index is defined

Hello Team,

I have observed that in output of "call dbms.listQueries" , Indexes column is coming blank even though I have already created index in the query which is running in background.

Please let me know on how to check whether the index is used while running the query which is using index.


Use Explain before the query to know if the query hits index or does full scan

Hi Vivek,

Actually I am trying to load the data from Oracle db . Below is the snapshot of the explain prefixed with my query. Let me know if it is using index or not.


Dear @akshat_mittal

Index is DB specific. So I case you are using Oracle DB. Then you need to create index at Oracle and though Orcale Explain or Execution Plan you can check if index hit happened or not while fetching data from Oracle

Hi Vivek,

Thanks for your quick reply.

So what I understand is - Index needs to be created at the Oracle DB end. ( destination DB ).
Please confirm.

Any screen shot u can share which neo4j internally uses index.


Hi Akshat,

As per I understood you are trying to fetch data from Oracle and store into Neo4j. Am I right?
And for that you have fired Select statement at Oracle and then using Create/Merge to ingest data into Neo4j..
If above is true and in the Select statement you have where clause then it will be better to create index at Oracle.
Syntax: create index <index_name> on <table_name> ( <column1>, <column2>, … );

Hi Vivek,

Yes !! Your are correct.

I am trying to fetch the data from an oracle view and loads it into Neo4J using Merge statement on primary key in neo4j. Oracle Query contains - select *from view name where column name = 'update'.

So index should be at that column name in oracle.

Best Regards

Yes Akshat you are right

Ok Vivek!

Thanks a lot!