Incremental [Backup] Restore


Backup and Restore works fine as per documentation, using Incremental Backup how to I revert to say 2 save-point behind time?

Incremental Backup in NEO4J is well documented. While only simple restore to last recovery point is documented at

Say the flow is as follows:

  1. At time t0 the entire data base is empty
  2. At t1 one node is added CREATE (p:Person {title: "p1"})
  3. Backup command is issued
  4. At t2 another node is added CREATE (p:Person {title: "p2"})
  5. Backup command is issued
  6. Some more nodes p3, p4, p5 are added

How based on documentation it is possible for me to revert to t2 (ie step 4) BUT how do I revert back to t1 ? I cannot find this documentation in NEO4J

Point in time recovery is not supported as such right now.
Your option is only to keep copies of the backup at the different stages.

To add to Michael's answer: a good way to keep recovery points is doing filesystem snapshots after each incremental backup you've taken. ZFS is excellen for this.