Increasing maxClauseCount for Full-text Queries

When querying with a long string on a full-text index, the following error is raised:

Failed to invoke procedure db.index.fulltext.queryNodes: Caused by:$TooManyClauses: maxClauseCount
is set to 1024

Is there any way to increase this limit through an environment variable or a config file?

Bump—still looking for a way to increase this limit through either an environment variable, config parameter, or custom Lucene implementation. Does anyone have any experience altering this configuration?

Hello @cody :slight_smile:

It looks like it can be changed:


Thanks, Maxime, I recall seeing that Stack Overflow thread but was unsure of how to implement the change (where to add the BooleanQuery method). I'm currently using the Neo4j Python driver and running an instance of Neo4j enterprise in a Docker container. I've searched through both the server and driver documentation and haven't found any solution as of yet.

Oh yeah I see :confused:

I didn't find anything, I will try to reach someone from Neo4j to see if someone has an idea :slight_smile: