Inconsistent Output - Neo4j Browser, Bloom, Data Explorer

Neo4j 4.1.3 Windows 10 Pro

Another noob query. I have created a basic BOM structure using the following:
CREATE (p1:PRODUCT {id:'p1'})
CREATE (a1:ASSEMBLY {id:'a1'})
CREATE (s1:SUB_ASSY {id:'s1'})
CREATE (b1:BOUGHT {id:'b1'})
CREATE (b2:BOUGHT {id:'b2'})
CREATE (b3:BOUGHT {id:'b3'})
CREATE (b4:BOUGHT {id:'b4'})
CREATE (p1)<-[:BELONGS_TO]-(a1)
CREATE (a1)<-[:BELONGS_TO]-(b1)
CREATE (a1)<-[:BELONGS_TO]-(b2)
CREATE (a1)<-[:BELONGS_TO]-(s1)
CREATE (s1)<-[:BELONGS_TO]-(b3)
CREATE (s1)<-[:BELONGS_TO]-(b4)

When I ''match (n) return n'' in the Browser the BOM structure is shown as created above. However in Bloom and Data Explorer the scheme seems to have been misinterpreted and is incorrect.
I have screen shots of the 3 depictions but I don't know how to paste them here.

I expect the difference may be in the details.

Technically speaking the cypher you provided only returns nodes, and no relationships.
The neo4j browser has an option called "Connect result nodes" in the setup panel

I merged your example into another database, so I need to specify nodes labels to retrieve but this is equivalent to your match(n)

match (n)
where ANY(l in labels(n) where l in ['PRODUCT','ASSEMBLY','BOUGHT','SUB_ASSY'])
return n

with "Connect result nodes" checked I see this,

with "Connect result nodes" unchecked I see this

I believe the default is CHECKED. Personally, I often UNCHECK that option because I like seeing the results from the cypher, exactly... Just a preference on my part, but maybe this explains one potential difference. I'm not familiar with the commercial product Bloom, but it wouldn't surprise me if it has some settings that will impact what you see, with a given Cypher query.

Note: I'm on a MacBook (at the moment) and I'm able to copy an image to the clipboard and then simply paste it into this edit window, to add the inline images you see above.

Joel - thanks for replying. I had "Connect result nodes" checked and get this result in the Browser which is the same as the one you showed (I just rearranged the nodes) just using match (n) return n.

However the Data Explorer is incorrect:

Strangely Bloom this time shows the correct structure (minus any labels/relationships)

I just had another look at Bloom settings and there is a Graph Layout Compatibility option which, when I turn it on, reproduces the structure as in the Browser So just the weird inconsistency in Data Explorer - unless there is a setting I'm not seeing.