Importing local database

Hi, I am trying to import my local graph to aura. I keep getting this error and I'm not sure how to fix it. Thanks!

Hi Marc,

Were you able to perform a recovery of the database, and if so did that resolve the issue for you? If not, please take those steps. Then either use the push-to-cloud command on the db itself, or use dump to create a dump file and use push-to-cloud on that (with the --dump=/path/to/dump-file ).

The recovery requires you to shutdown your database and restart one node in single mode (assuming you're using a causal cluster), then perform a clean shutdown of that node. If you're using a single node deployment then you can skip to shutting it down.

To make sure you're shutting it down cleanly, run bin/neo4j stop in the directory containing your database installation.

If you still encounter problems after taking these steps we encourage you to open a ticket at