Import: RDBMS to Graph

APOC is Neo4j’s utility library for handling data import, as well as data transformations and manipulations. From converting values to altering the data model, this library can manage it all, allowing you to combine and chain procedures in order to get exactly the results you are looking for.

For data import, APOC offers several options depending on your data source and format. It can import files or data from a URL in CSV, JSON, or XML formats, as well as loading data straight from a database (using JDBC). When you call these procedures, you can pass in the data source and use other procedures to manipulate data or regular Cypher to insert or update to the database. There are also procedures for batching data, adding wait/sleep commands, and handling large data sets or temperamental data sources.

The transformation procedures in this library are nearly endless, allowing the developer to process dynamic labels or relationships, correct/skip null or empty values, format dates or other values, generate hashes, and handle other tricky data scenarios. If you are in need of a way for flexible and custom data handling, APOC could be the way to go. The downside to using this library for complicated scenarios is that it may result in many lines of code to handle multiple data transformations.

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