Import local files to Neo4j web browser


I am trying to access local file through Neo4j web browser, but it's telling me file /path not found. Can anyone please help me with this?

ps. I am very new with coding and computer in general, so a more detailed description would be much appreciated. Thank you!!

im on mac, please help me out!!

Can you share the cypher you are trying to load?
Are you using apoc.load.csv or LOAD CSV?

If you are using LOAD CSV it might be something like:

LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS FROM file:///file_name.csv AS row

It'll be easier to give an exact answer if you can share what you are trying.

hi yes,
I'm using

CALL n10s.onto.import.fetch("file path");

never used the Mac version but it could be similar to Windows where you need to put imported files in the db import directory

this is how you get to the db import directory :