Import Data - Specials Characters

Hello Everyone,

I try to import CSV files but some fields contains specials characters such as linebreak and carriage return transformed ( \n and \r). But when I import data into Neo4J, this special character is not transformed into Neo4j and stay with \n and \r.
How can I do to have carriage return and linebreak in my property value in neo4j ?



Could you provide a small example file and the cypher you used? I'm not sure what is in your file, or the options you use with LOAD CSV, or what you desire as a result. Do you have \r\n inside some of the column data? and it is being used as the end of line? Are the columns quoted? (can they be?)

Hello Joel,

thanks for your answer.

This is an example for a line : "A_V=::::::::::::::A","AA","A003","WIP","A350","R","1","0","VAUK-TEDG","FT4 - FLAP LEVER\r\n","A-UK"

I use in command line :

$NEO4J_HOME/bin/neo4j-admin import
--skip-bad-relationships=true \



Are you specifying any other parameters?
Specifically did you specify a [--quote=] character?

I think the default is double quote, and I just verified that I am loading double quoted data from tsv files (column delimiter tab), and I am not providing a --quote parameter (so it does defaults to double quote, at least in recent versions...) I am sure that I have \n in some of my data, but I am not sure if any of them are \r\n pairs.

My load looks like this

docker exec -t \
   ${EPHEMERALCONTAINER} bin/neo4j-admin import \
  --database="${CONTAINER}" \
  --verbose \
  --skip-bad-relationships=true \
  --skip-duplicate-nodes=true \
  --ignore-empty-strings=true \
  --normalize-types=true \
  --trim-strings=false \
  --delimiter "\t" \
  --high-io=true \
  --report-file=importreport.txt \