Import csv with æ ø å

To import a csv I used:

//Import csv
LOAD CSV FROM 'file:///spm.csv' AS line FIELDTERMINATOR ';'
(:RED{ name: line[0], creationTime:timestamp()})

But since I am unlucky and live in a country with these letters: æ,ø,å (utf-8) I have not been able to import text correctly - see picture.


So how do I import a CSV and the scandinavian letters into the database?

Hello @VilladsClaes :slight_smile:

Can you check if the strings have the correct format in the CSV file?


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E.g., try using an UTF-8 checker like: Validate UTF8 - Online UTF8 Tools

Or see: validation - How to check whether a file is valid UTF-8? - Stack Overflow

You might have to convert whatever format you have to UTF-8.

The question mark often means that the code displaying the characters found something unexpected (e.g. violates UTF-8 format), so it gave up and put in diamond ?

Thank you for the link to the UTF-8 checker tool.
The CSV passed the test