Import complete wikidata into neo4j

I used

to import the whole wikidata into neo4j 3.5 as educational resource but it does not work for Neo4j 4.3. Is there a way to import wikidata into Neo4j 4.3 maybe by n10s ?

What exactly doesn't work Andreas?
Perhaps we can just fix it? Depending on which APIs it uses.

Sorry this is above my competences ;-) Is there a chance to use n10s for the whole import ?

Here is a blog post from Tomaz Bratanic

And here one from @jesus.barrasal, we've recently talked about having a data dump from wikipedia imported with neosemantics.

And a how to guide:

Thanks :slight_smile:
They all have a focus to import a subset of wikidata. It would be great to have a way to import the 60G Turtle-Dump from here: Index of /wikidatawiki/entities/

Do you have a good way to import the complete data? latest-all.json is so large.

Unfortunately not ... it realy takes some time ;-)