Import a list of properties from a csv file

I want to add a list property on a node, with the list formatted conditionally on whether a text value exists in the cell.

You can find the csv that I am using here: GitHub - KatovonKatz/forum-examples
I import it with this code:

// Load dndb2 (3)
LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS FROM "file:///dndb2-2kasyn.csv" AS row FIELDTERMINATOR ";"
MERGE (k:Kernactiviteit {Kernactiviteit:row.kernactiviteit});

In column B to K, there are synonyms, that I want to include as property list {Synoniem: [x, y, ...z]} to node k:Kernactiviteit. But this list may contain zero values (for example at kernactiviteit Basiseducatie), but it may also contain two values (for example at kernactiviteit Akkerbouw) and it may also contain more than two values, depending on whether there are values in the csv.

So, this is what node Agro-ecologie looks like:
Synoniem: Agro-forestry

This is what node Akkerbouw looks like:
Synoniem: Agricultuur, Landbouw

This is what node Basiseducatie looks like:

Anyone knows how to do this properly?

What have you tried so far?
I would read the file without headers and assign the list of synonyms like this:
SET k.synonyms = [row[2..10]]
and see what happens to the empty columns. If empty columns don't get included, fine.
If something like empty string or null is included, I would think about how to avoid them...

@klaus.blass, thank you for thinking along. I tried your solution with this code:

// Load dndb2
LOAD CSV FROM "file:///dndb2-2kasyn.csv" AS row FIELDTERMINATOR ";"
MERGE (k:Kernactiviteit {Kernactiviteit:row[1]})
SET k.Synoniemen = [row[2..10]];

But it left me with the synonyms, also being added as nodes.

So, I decided to tackle this problem in a whole different way, namely to alter the import file. In the import file, I have created an extra column (B), which is a concatenation of the columns that follow. I import this file then as is and that leaves me with the desired property :). Not the most elegant, but it works!

CSV solution file

// Load dndb2
LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS FROM "file:///dndb2-2kasyn.csv" AS row FIELDTERMINATOR ";"
MERGE (k:Kernactiviteit {Kernactiviteit:row.kernactiviteit, Synoniemen:row.synoniemlijst});