I'm Emily, a Biochemistry Research Assistant in Michigan

Hi, I'm Emily. I work in a biochemistry lab at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Our lab studies flavoenzymes, a class of proteins that have a flavin (such as riboflavin) attached and perform redox chemistry. We think graphs are a natural fit for representing these enzymes and their reactions.

I'm a beginner in the world of databases, graph and otherwise, and I'm hoping the neo4j community can help me learn how to create a graph database to store and analyze flavoprotein data.

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Hi Emily,

I've met a couple of other people who are using Neo4j for protein analysis. If I can remember their names I'll put you in touch.

A graph database like Neo4j is a great tool for getting started with databases, there's not too much to learn to get going and you can start doing useful stuff really quickly.

I know very little about proteins, but quite a lot about representing data. If you want some advice or just to chat data structures, drop me a reply.



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Hi Emily,

I work for a proteomics company and we are using Neo4j to help us create a systems biology model and better reason about our data. I would be happy to help you explore how to use graph data to advance your efforts.


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Thanks M! I plan on spending some time with Neo4j later this week so I will definitely let you know if I have any questions about representing the data or data structures.

Hi David, thanks for reaching out! I haven't done a whole lot with Neo4j just yet but I plan on loading some of my data into a graph later this week. I would be excited to talk about graph data and proteomics anytime! Best, Emily

When you are ready just let me know. We can schedule a date/time to talk. I can send you a Zoom link...