I'm a newbie and these are my goals!

Hi Everyone,

I'm a Software Engineer from an Industrial Systems Integrator in Australia

Long time lurker of Neo4j and there is a particular use case for neo4j that I would really like to give a go. I would like to Use Neo4j as Design/Modelling tool for SCADA / System Integration.

The Domain of this design tool would be similar to one that would model an IT Network, except that it also must represent the specific protocol and port type that is used, the Master / Slave or Client / Server in the protocol relationship and the data points that are sent between physical / logical devices. Our current design tool is an Object Oriented style schema shoehorned into the postgres rdbms platform.

We generate configs for several kinds of hardware straight out of this modelling tool to increase our iterative speed I was wondering if this community has any examples of something similar

Hi Kyle!
Not sure how much you've already looked into this, but there's a white paper online that you can download. It's a really common use case. Where in Australia are you?