I'm a Neoer

Hi everyone!
I'm Bobby being worked as a Senior DBA. I'm new to the Neo4j's world for a year. Before that, I have been working on RDBMS for more than 10 years. Just falling in love with Neo4j recently. My current position is a production DBA; I recognized that there many things which the RDBMS hardly can do better than GraphDB like Neo4j. So my team decided to try Neo4j as the new database platform to adapt requirements facing.

Nice to join the team!

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Hello @thanhquancp23 ,

Welcome to the Neo4j Community! I am very happy to hear you're suggesting Neo4j to your team. I'm curious, what requirements are you facing that are a good fit for Neo4j?


Hi @abk , the requirement that my team is facing with is the relationship between node A and B by node X. For example:

  1. (A)-[USED]->(X)<-[USED]-(B)
  2. (A)-[USED]->(X)<-[USED]-(C)
  3. (B)-[USED]->(X1)<-[USED]-(D)
  4. (C)-[USED]->(X1)<-[USED]-(B)
    The requirements is to link/mark all nodes together as a potential group for N level(s) if any and the first association date that any two nodes connected each other.
    Thanks for your question.