I have started a religious cult, and you can join!

I have started a religious cult, and you can join!

Many of you know about the passion and commitment that I have shown towards Neo4j over the years. It is an area of focus that has brought wonderful challenges and rewards, both on a professional and personal level.

Today I'm thrilled to announce that I will be deepening my commitment in this area, through the formation of a graph database cult, in which I shall be the supreme leader.

The organization is focused around a new open-source library - a graph database client for Node.js and TypeScript. It has supernatural powers.

Members are known as 'Graphistafarians of the Order of the Divine Driver". Some of the miraculous capabilities of this driver include:

  • Ability to scale to hundreds or thousands of transactions per second
  • Declarative transactions
  • Streaming . . and many others.


Details can be found on the website: https://drivine.org

Starter Template

Also on the website are details of a starter application which:

  • Can be used as a starter template, in order to get rolling as quickly as possible
  • Contains graph database koans for common use-cases - recommendations, routing, social networking, etc. These are for meditative purposes.

Scriptures and Parables:

We do not yet have an official blog, however I will be releasing scriptures and parables. The first is about (funnily enough):

A person who runs away to join a religious sect, in the dead of night, after leaving only a cryptic note. Not even a day later, they're thrown, as a result of a certain scandal that goes down, however all is not lost as they come away with a new understanding on how to process large data-sets using streams.

Please stay tuned for that.

Our Creed:

A dedication to inclusion and extreme diversity. Membership of the cult is open to all everyone regardless of gender, age, disability, physical appearance, race, participation in other religions (or not), national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity and even other supreme leaders.