I can not migrate to 4.0

Please, I want to migrate from 3.5.3 to 4.0. I had problems but i didn´t stop the old database to make a copy (topic 5 bellow). Is it necessary to stop the neo4j service from old version to make a copy of data directory???

  1. Untar or unzip Neo4j 4.0.1.

  2. Transfer the new neo4j.conf that you prepared in the Apply configuration changes step in Chapter 2, Prepare to upgrade .

  3. Set dbms.allow_upgrade=true in neo4j.conf of the 4.0.1 installation. Neo4j will fail to start without this configuration.

  4. Copy the files used for encryption from the old installation to the new one.

  5. Copy the data directory from the old installation to the new one. This step is not applicable if you have dbms.directories.data pointing to a directory outside of NEO4J_HOME .

Hi @dcarvalho0702

I feel logically also it is very much necessary to (Stop DB)->(Make Copy) ->(Up DB).
Reason to maintain the ACID .