Human-friendly text file format for graph data?

CSV with flat rows is hard to represent graph data well.
Is there any common format for serializing graphs to a text file?
something that would encapsulate nodes and edges better than a CSV file?

I'm looking to hand author some files for a knowledge graph, so looking for something very human-friendly - like YAML for relational data.

I've seen some dumps that have two files, for nodes then edges separately, but that's a bit tedious to author. I'm looking for a common format, and ideally that is already supported by the engine for import.

it seems CSV and some type of JSON are the only supported formats?

Are there any friendly editors for RDF or OWL formats?
I guess it's just a dialect of XML but i still haven't seen any nice way to edit these files, even if there was a schema.

putting some relevant links: