Https:// returns 404

The title says it. To confirm it's not my problem checked with Website Uptime Test: Check Website Status | Uptrends to see it's returning 404 from anywhere.
I saw similar issues on github but nothing recent.
Am I missing anything?


I did restart the nginx service yesterday afternoon but it was only down for 20 seconds max. It is currently up and running.

Are you able to add the apt repository and update from it?

EDIT: to be clear, isn't a webpage and it's expected to return a 404 message if you go there in a browser. If is down then that would definitely be a problem.
The apt repository serves files from and so long as apt can successfully communicate with that endpoint, it's all fine.

Thank you for your reply. The real problem was being unable to install on an Ubuntu 18 docker container, and apparently the cause was that no PGP implementation like gnugp was present, so apt-key add was failing.

Interesting, glad you could fix it!
Thanks for taking the time to post the solution here.