How to visualize Class restrictions without blank nodes between classes?

Hello all

I am trying to import an OWL ontology from Protege using n10s.rdf.import.fetch (....,'Turtle', {typestolabels=False}). The {handleRDFTypes} parameter is set on "LABELS_AND_NODES"
This ontology contains for each class a subClassOf predicate that contains either an object property or a data property (ex: Class_A subClassOf isRelatedWith Class_C), as well as instances for each class (instances have Object and Data property assertions)
When I import the ontology, I can see the name of the Object Property between instances directly on the string that connects them:

But for the classes, there is a bnode between them :


Is there any way to visualize my ontology without the Bnode but instead with the name of the Object or Data restriction directly on the string between my class nodes? And if not, is there any more optimal way to visualize a Class Restriction ?

Thank you for your help!