How to use Node properties to set Relationship values instead of a constant HAS_A , IS_A thingy?

Hi , thanks in advance.
I would like to set a relationship between 2 nodes with a property value instead of a conventional HAS_A , IS_A thingy. For example Patient has a Diagnosis for example Diabetes.

i want to say PATIENT-[:Diabetes]->Diagnosis{type:Diabetes}

Here instead of a Has a relation if i can keep the property values, i could easily count how many patients have Diabetes and Cancer etc., And more could be done easily as the data volume is huge.

Please let me know how.

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For nodes and relationships labels one can have any name that makes sense to one's application.

Thanks. When i try to do this via CYPHER i am seeing syntax errors.

For example

                p.YEARMONTH = row.YEARMONTH,
                p.CLAIMID = row.CLAIMID
           MERGE (pa)-[:'HAS_DX'+p.DX_DOT]->(p)

This doesnt work for me.

But i tried to do apoc relationship and was able to establish the relationship type like below

now i am finding it hard to retrieve this relationship node via Match.

Please check this link for Naming rules and recommendations:

Non-alphabetic characters, including numbers, symbols and whitespace characters, can be used in names, but must be escaped using backticks

Here is how you can implement this in

CALL apoc.create.relationship(f, `p.DX_DOT`,{}, s) .

This will create the relationship as shown and you can run MATCH statement.

Here is sample code to illustrate this
match (a:Cat {name:'dadu'})
with a
merge (b:Chicken {name: 'chick'})
with a, b, 'HAS3.2' as r1
CALL apoc.create.relationship(a, `r1`,{}, b) YIELD rel
REMOVE rel.noOp

Added 1 label, created 1 node, set 1 property, completed after 31 ms.


match (a:Cat)-[:`HAS3.2`]->(b)
return a, b

Return the above graph.
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Yup. I got to it finally. Thank you so much @ameyasoft. This was helpful.