How to track log data of query execution history on Neo4j community 3.3.4 version?

We would like to check the frequency of data access, are there any ways to do that?

Or is it possible to track data access data by changing setting of log data?

Here are some sample log data we have confirmed. We failed to confirm any query execution data in it.

【log data】





【OS environment】



Thanks in advance!

Not sure what data you are looking for, but have you checked the results of turning on query logging?

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neo4j enterprise edition has a "query log" feature, see

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Thanks for answering .
That link is for enterprise edition, unfortunately we only have community edition....

We will release the application based on Neo4j to some end users, the data i m looking for is about how frequent these users use it actually, which means i need the log data of query executed.

Thanks for answering .
That link you are sharing is for enterprise edition as well .
Is there any way to check query log on community edition?

Thanks very much.

Nope. It's a enterprise only feature.

Once you're on the enterprise version, you can also turn on metrics gathering and use a Prometheus + Grafana setup for monitoring your instance.

Thanks guys. Appreciate all the replies.
Unfortunately we only got free version for now.