How to "Think" to create items that might be a Node, a property, and a label?

Thank you for helping. I am just starting out with only relational database experience. No programming language besides programming FileMaker.

As my tutorial I want to create a catalogue of balls.
How do I think of each part of this database?

What below becomes multiple of the: Nodes, Properties, Labels, Relationships

My starting point is a picture of a ball. What is it and what do I know about it?

The following is what I know about the item in the picture.

A Ball could be:

A Toy
Sport equipment
Red (color)
Round (shape)
Sphere (shape)
Noun (parts of speech)

ADDITIONALLY, IN A DIFFERENT LANGUAGE the item in the picture is
SPANISH: pelota
FRENCH: ballon

Types of balls

1 Beach Ball
2 Football (Soccer-Ball)
3 Basketball
4 Volleyball
5 American Football

Remember, I would like to know how to THINK about what I know about the item in the picture so I can apply the principles it to anything in the future. A website or video link is also acceptable.

Thanks again.

To drive this point home, let's consider Husband, Wife, Mother-in-Law (husband's mother)

All three are persons and we can label them as Persons. This means the node label will be Persons.

Fundamentally we can differentiate these three people based on their gender.
This means gender is a vital property for the Person node

merge (a:Person {name: 'husband', gender: 'male'})
merge (b:Person {name: 'wife', gender: 'female'})
merge (c:Person {name; 'mother-in-law', gender: 'female'})

We know the relationships between these three entities. Let's us build.

merge (a)-[:MOTHER]->(c)
merge (b)-[:MOTHER_IN_LAW]->(c)

Thank you, I may have to carry on with the tutorial today and then build the merge information you have suggested.

Labeling people and objects are straight forward.
How do I structure parts of speech which will be a part of the database I will structure?
Noun, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs

How do I structure the relationship with the name of object, ball, in a foreign?
How do I think about the name of the parts of speech of I want to put them in a foreign language. ie. The word noun.