How to share the cypher prase between bloom perspectives?

Hi, there.
As far as I know, each perspective only have their phrase.
So, every time I create new one, I have to copy and paste the phrase. It is redundant.

How to efficiently manage or store the phrase in common use ?
Write the phrase in common use once for all and assemble them to different perspective is my purpose.


I do not think this is currently possible in Bloom , but I'd say it is an interesting feature request . Something like a right click on a search phrase, that would allow to send it to another perspective. you can use the send feedback feature to ask for it

when there is a list of phrases you want to transfer (for just one or two it's easier to just recreate them) and if you feel comfortable poking around json files, you can export perspectives and copy paste desired rules before reimporting the json file

this is how rules look like in the json file