How to set label of node in neo4j browser via code spring boot

I want to show the browser node with particular column value as its node label.
This node is having data as "callerId:xyz" so I want this caller id to be shown on the node instead of it being blank.


The attributes, such as which label to show, and what color to use for each label can be set by the user in the browser by clicking on the node/relationship label at the top, and then pick the properties/colors at the bottom to use. Change a few of them, and then view the changes using the :STYLE command. You can export them to a grass file, modify them, and then load the style back into the browser. Caveat: What you can do with the grass style sheet has some limitations...

advanced styling and documentation on grass file here

and some interesting discussion here that might be of interest as well.

Note: My answer is specific to the neo4j browser, I don't know where/how you are using code spring boot...