How to send List<Record> of an endpoint to the front (Linkurious Ogma) with sdn6 and java

it´s a very simple question but I can't get it to work.

The endpoint code:
public List ....{
String query = "MATCH (u)-[r:INTERESADO_EN]->(c) \r\n"
+ "WHERE u.eMail='"+email+"' \r\n"
+ "RETURN * ";
try (Session session = sessionFor(database())) {
var records = session.readTransaction(tx ->;
return records;

It´s a very simple query, but the result is empty:

By default, Ogma expects the records response from neo4j to parse.

And the js function has to receive the records is:

function formatNeo4jQueryResult(response) {
const records = ;
response.values.forEach(value => {
const { nodes, relationships, segments } = value.adapted;
records.push({ _fields: nodes
.concat([{ segments }]) });
return records;

How can I send the list record from cypher?

Thanks in advance!

Besides not having an answer to this, I would suggest to post this in the general driver questions.

Some notes:

  1. I think that the result won't exactly match the required format because you would (at best) get a plain map like json structure coming from the result.
  2. You should really use parameters to avoid Cypher-injection.