How to run PageRank of community using weighted PageRank and Louvain algorithm?

I need to set weights as property and calculate PageRank by community without NEuler.

Check out the documentation for PageRank and Louvain. If you've already assigned community IDs, using NEuler, you can use a cypher projection to execute PageRank only on a specific community. You can set the weight property using the weightProperty parameter.

For example, borrowing from the docs page and assuming you've already run Louvain and written your communities to a communityId property, you could do something like this:

CALL algo.pageRank(
  'MATCH (p:Page) WHERE p.communityId=1 RETURN id(p) as id',
  'MATCH (p1:Page)-[r:LINKS]->(p2:Page) WHERE p1.communityId=1 AND p2.communityId=1 RETURN id(p1) as source, id(p2) as target, r.weight as weight',
  {graph:'cypher', weightProperty:'weight', write: true}
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