How to rerun a query n times?

Hi, I have the following problem
I have a report request for weeks of the year.
The goal is to find results for all the weeks from the beginning of the year until now.
How can I dynamically change the input parameters and re-run the request until it is completed for all the past weeks.
For example, if I have 50 weeks the result should contain 50 rows.
Is there a way to construct something like a while loop ?

I think one of the apoc.cypher procedures in APOC, Neo4j's standard library, is probably what you need to do this.


Mr Needham thanks for the quick reply i have no doubt in you as i have already used your tips for example rounding double numbers. The problem is that we do not have this library yet, another similar problem is that our neo4j(Browser) client has not updated it.
Tell me if I install the library on my machine it will affect others in the group that use the base or not.