How to rename database in community edition?

I'd like to rename default "neo4j" database in Neo4j?

I tried to change name using config:

Works, new DB is created but "show databses" still display the old one as offline. How to remove it from offlines?


The way I used to remove old and large databases that would take ages to delete via cypher was simply deleting its folder (inside data folder, both database and transaction).
For obvious reasons I recommend you back up the folder before deleting it.

Thanks for reply. This will not erase database from system. As I wrote above it will still exists in some registry ...even if folders are deleted.

Hmm, that's really strange. Mine was totally wiped out from the system when I did this, not even showing up on cypher-shell. What installation are you using? Docker, Bitnami, Neo4j-Desktop?

I use test, default pure installation (downloaded community edition in zip from Neo4j).

  • Started with default config. "neo4j" database was created.
  • Stopped database, changed 'dbms.default_database' directive (another name)
  • Started database. New database was created
  • Stopped database. Removed "ne4j" from "transactions" and "databases"
  • Started Neo4j. "Show databases" still display "neo4j" database - offline