How to read date time value not separated by T?

Hi All,

I am trying to load the CSV data into Neo4J and my CSV contains datetime variable having values in the format of 15-12-2018 10:00:30 .

If I add T in between like 15-12-2018T10:00:30 then I am able to parse as Datetime in Neo4J not without adding T.

Can anyone help me how can I parse string "15-12-2018 10:00:30" as DateTime while loading this in Neo4J.


Whether or not you have a T in the input, you should be able to use to get the job done with the right format string.

Here's the documentation:

(This requires that you download and install the APOC plugin into your database)

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Thanks David, I realized my mistake.

It's working now and I am able to use on top of that as well.

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