How to Read Cypher-shell Query Results

Hello, I have a question about query results time on cypher-shell. I'm still new on Neo4j and little bit confused on how to read the result time.

From the picture above it says that "10000 rows available after 44 ms, consumed after another 246844 ms". What is this mean?

Is this meant that it takes 44 ms or 246844 ms to query 10000 rows? Or 246844 ms is the taken time to output the query results to the interface? I'm a little confused here.

Thank you

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The phrasing is confusing. If it helps, imagine a newline after the number of rows, to separate from the available after and consumed after timings:

10000 rows 
available after 44 ms, consumed after another 246844 ms

44ms until the first result became available and started returning, 246844 before all result rows returned

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So it takes 246844 ms to query/generate the whole data then?

Yep. Not sure what you're doing in that query, but make sure at least that you run an EXPLAIN on it to verify that expected indexes are being used. You don't want to see AllNodesScans, or NodeByLabelsScans (at least not a label scan when you expect an index to be used instead).

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Okay then. Thank you for the help!

Ooh I also want to ask another question sir.

Both of them are same couting query but it has different result where the first one is "consumed after another 112752 ms" and the second one is "consumed after another 0ms".

In the previous post you said that "consumed after antoher X ms" means that it take X ms to query the whole data.

This the what confusing me again. It still not make sense to me on picture two to have it 0 ms to query the whole data.

Can you help understands it?

Thank you