How to QUICKLY Get to my Aura Database

I created an Aura database to work through the examples in the training academy, but 'getting' to that database appears to require a Herculean effort. I first have to find some 'other' neo4j that has a hyperlink to the Aura console, then click that, then log in. I can't seem to just type in and log in. All that does is send me to the main page which is just advertising other neo4J projects without actually giving me the option to 'login'. Is there a 1-step way to just log in to my Aura account?

I don't think we have a URL which gives you instant access to your db. From our documentation:

You can use Neo4j Desktop (probably your best bet), cypher-shell (which does require a separate local Neo4j instance, and of course your application (via a driver).

If you haven't used Neo4j Desktop already, check out that option.

EDIT: And I stand corrected, please see below.

You should be able to log in to your Aura account here:


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Hello @mcdnjmcd

After you have logged in to your Aura account and you have created the database, you simply open the running database with Neo4j Browser.

If you want to connect to your running Neo4j Aura database, you can also use this URL in a Web browser:


Then you provide the credentials of your database (neo4j/pwd).