How to paste the param and graph algorithm working in neo4j browser>

If I paste the param from graph

:param label => null;
:param relationshipType => null;
:param limit => 50;
:param config => {
  concurrency: 8,
  direction: 'Both',
  weightProperty: null,
  defaultValue: 1,
  writeProperty: 'louvain',
  includeIntermediateCommunities: false,
  intermediateCommunitiesWriteProperty: 'louvainIntermediate',
  communityProperty: ''

I am getting below error in browser

Invalid input ':': expected whitespace, comment, Statement or end of input (line 2, column 1 (offset: 13))
 ":param relationshipType => null;" ^

May I know my mistake please, Thanks?

You can run each of those separately, or you could use :params to set them all at once, but you'll need all of them in the parameter map:

:params {label:null, relationshipType:null, limit:50, config: {concurrency: 8, direction: 'Both',weightProperty: null,defaultValue: 1,writeProperty: 'louvain',includeIntermediateCommunities: false,intermediateCommunitiesWriteProperty: 'louvainIntermediate',communityProperty: ''}}
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