How to pass variables not from args into resolver cypher code

I am using the latest version of grand stack API (with new neo4j-graphql library) as backend only. Front end is next js using firebase auth.

The goal is to use neo4j as the database, firebase for user management/authentication.

I’m hitting a roadblock figuring out how to pass parameters from custom logic into the cypher code on a mutation resolver.

Ultimately what I want to do is have a user node that corresponds to the jwt parameters from firebase.

Right now the firebase jwt is passed into the context. The resolver grabs it from context and uses jsonwebtoken to verify it. Here is where I’m stuck. Once verified I can’t figure out how to pass the parameters to cypher.

What is the proper way/syntax to pass variables into cypher that are generated inside the mutation?

And is this the best way to do it or should I instead take care of verifying the jwt inside Apollo

Hi, is better to save the UID (User ID) in the node. You can get it, using the firebase JS library