How to Merge with unique constraints and conflicting matches

I have an unique constraints on a node

ON ( business:Business ) ASSERT business.domain IS UNIQUE

I am trying to run query

MERGE (u:UserPublishers {domain: prospect.domain})
    u.created = prospect.created,
    u.domain = prospect.domain, =, =,
    u += prospect.fields
    u += prospect.fields

When I run this I am getting error like
Node(10745858) already exists with labelBusinessand propertydomain= ''

Is there any other way to achieve the goal

  • when the domain is same it will merge with existing and update the other properties?
  • when the domain is null is there any way to skip it?
  • using apoc periodic iterate is there any way so that it will work partially instead of run it in transaction?

Since the unique constraint is on label Business and property domain, can you do the MERGE also on that label (I'm assuming UserPublishers is a secondary label) ? Since there is no constraint on UserPublishers the MERGE is not doing what you think it's doing ...