How to load local JSON file into Neo4j

Hello Neo4j Community,

As part of my master Thesis I need to upload a JSON file (in local) into Neo4j. I am using the browser interface with version 3.5.17. My doubts/questions are diverse:

  • Is there a way to upload a JsonArray into Neo4j? Tried doing apoc.load.jsonArray but recevied the error Neo.ClientError.Procedure.ProcedureNotFound
  • Is there a way to transform a RDD from Apache Spark into Neo4j? I have not found any connector in this way so far

Hello! Welcome to the community. It looks like you need to make sure that you've got the APOC library installed with your Neo4j instance. That's probably why you're getting an error saying the procedure isn't found. You can do that via the Neo4j desktop, or getting the jar file directly and adding it to your instance.

go to your db and clic onright three dot menu, then clic on manage and install plug-in library.