How to load excel data into neo4j using spring boot and apoc

i need a brief example to load data into neo4j with apoc using spring boot

CALL apoc.load.csv('excel.csv') YIELD map AS row
CREATE (r:ImportRow)
SET r = row

More details: How to auto-import csv content into Neo4j - #2 by tony.chiboucas

(or were you asking the Neo4j community to write your Spring for you?)

Yes, I need spring boot implementation of loading csv file or excel file into neo4j using apoc

I hadn't looked at spring boot before, but it looks like they're ridgedly forcing MVC, and making it fairly difficult to directly interact via Cypher commands. If you can figure out how to execute any Cypher command, you just need to put the csv in the right place, then execute the Cypher to import it.