How to load data into the cypher-shell

I have an Ubuntu server dedicated to neo4j, without a GUI (it is my choice, to avoid unuseful CPU usage for other tasks but Neo4j).

I tried to use the cypher shell, but was impossible, because after having loaded it, I discover the cypher shell desn't accept copy-cut-paste commands, nor loading files.

So it looks useful for testing single line command and not, as in my case, to load a great amount of parameter or to execute a long batch operation

Am I missing something or it is the expected behavior?

Although by no means an authority, if you check this page (which I am sure you have) Cypher Shell - Operations Manual

and the line

$neo4j-home> cat examples.cypher | bin/cypher-shell -u neo4j -p secret --format plain

This in effect 'loads' as large a set of queries as you wish.

( I am doing this myself to upload all my data etc..)

Thanks for your suggestion: it run and is useful to load just one big piece of ata at the beginning.

But I'd like to have a more sophisticated options:

My exact need is:

  1. load and run a large set of parameters definition (and I can do it using your suggested method)
  2. load and run a large query (15 lines) against the above parameters

the latter point is the problem: I have to rewrite by hand, because no load or paste command is available.

you can separate the 2 in the same one file? ( by the semi-colon)

and if you want to dynamically change the parameters for both at one time, just create a file with those paramters (csv or otherwise) that the two queries would parse. You run the .cypher file, it runs two queries.