How to iteratively expand nodes (on clicking) using popoto.js?

I am developing a web interface to the neo4j database using popoto.js. Currently, I am able to display a start node and expand the graph up to 3-4 levels by clicking on the node relationships. It seems that the underlying query that popoto uses gets updated along with the expanding graph and after a certain point the query becomes invalid and popoto resets the graph. What I am trying to create is an interface where I can expand any node in the graph (and hence expanding the overall graph) similar to what is possible in the neo4j browser. How can I achieve this?


You should get node's medatada so there are several APOC for that

For instance --> apoc.meta.schema()

Sure, but I believe as I keep expanding my graph, popoto keeps expanding the query. So the start node is always the root node. Is it possible to run an independent query at each expansion?