How to integrate BI tool with Neo4j

Hi guys,

I have a request from a customer. He wants to do the following:

  1. Take RDBMS data and model it with Neo4j (PLM model)
  2. Run Cypher quires - For example, how many products will be affected if a supplier will vanish (an 18 hops PLM model)
  3. Use the results of the query inside their own BI tool (no Graph visualization is needed)
    I need help with paragraph 3, whats the best way to do this integration?

Do you know what is the BI tool (is it a market software or something they build) ?

Yes, it is Oracle BI (OBIEE)

Sorry I don't know this BI tool ... you have to see if it has a JDBC connector or a web connector.

Hi there is a JDBC connector :slight_smile:

SO what's the process? I remind you that I need to export cypher query results into BI

I'm not familiar with OBIEE but I have used the Neo4j JDBC a bit so I assume it'll be similar usage.

Install/register/copy the Neo4j JDBC with OBIEE like any other SQL JDBC driver. The application is going think it's like any other SQL driver. Supply the credentials and host. Then in the query part, instead of SQL, just provide your cypher query. You'll want your cypher results to be tabular.

Here's a link to me but post I wrote doing this using Pentaho as an ETL tool with Neo4j

Thank you! We'll give it a try!

I have written an article around how to integrate Neo4J with OBIEE. Check it out here.
Neo4J Knowledge Graphs in OBIEE